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8 Great Fall Advertising Campaign Ideas for ChurchesLast Updated: August 30th, 2022

As summer comes to a close, families begin new routines with the start of school. During the fall season families figure out sports schedules, pick-up times, and engage in new activities. It’s the perfect time to invite people to church with a fall advertising campaign. 

As people spend more and more time online, it’s increasingly important for churches to let local people know about all the great stuff you have going on. Your church may offer the best marriage and financial support in the city, but no one knows about it. A fall advertising campaign is one of the best ways to invite local people to check out the amazing events and ministries of your church. 

Here are 8 great fall advertising ideas for your church:    

fall advertising


Back to Church and School

Spin up an advertising campaign inviting people to attend your church as they head back to school. This campaign helps remind congregants that summer is over and it’s time to attend church regularly once more, while also reaching out and inviting new people to visit your church.    

Lead-Generating Fall Advertsising Campaigns​​


Offer a free resource like a Back to School Family Guide, Fall Activity Kit, or Bible Study. Facebook offers the ability to create lead-generating campaigns where a person is required to share their name and email address in order to download your free kit. These campaigns can easily turn into 50​​-100 names of new people in your area. (We have some kits ready to go- let’s chat)

Fall Sermon Series

fall advertising


Pastors typically start the fall with an exciting new sermon series. Unfortunately, local people unfamiliar with your church will never know about the series. Online ads are a great way to promote your pastor’s fall series while inviting new people to attend your church. 

Find Your Purpose Campaign 

In today’s crazy world, people are always searching online for their personal purpose. Fall is a great time to encourage everyone to find their personal purpose through your church. This online campaign can align with the start of a spiritual gifts class or another purpose discovery group.  

Parenting Class 

The start of school is often a stressful time for parents. They may feel overwhelmed and start looking for wisdom, insight, and support. The fall could be the perfect time to start and promote a parenting support class within your church.  

Fall Event Invite

Many churches host a back-to-school or fall service event. The best way to get local people to attend your event is to invite them. Think of online ads like invites for the Internet Age. Ads let families know your event is happening and that they’re invited.  

Promote Connection

fall advertising


As more and more people feel disconnected today, almost everyone is looking for a place to connect and belong. As your fall small groups begin, consider running a fall advertising campaign inviting everyone in your local community looking for a place to belong. Group connection helps fill a real need in many people’s lives. 

Promote a Ministry

Your church may have an especially strong ministry you’d like to promote this fall. This may be your men’s or women’s ministry, offering financial peace, or even your children’s ministry. Fall may be the perfect time to let the community know they’re invited to join your church’s most vibrant ministry. 

Share Your Church with Ads this Fall 


Your church is a light in your community. This fall, make sure you are taking steps to share the great things your church has going on with everyone in your community through advertising. In today’s busy world, ads break through and offer people opportunities to hear about your church in ways they’d never hear otherwise. 

We Can Help with Your Fall Advertising this year

If your church is thinking about running ads this fall but isn’t sure where to start. We’d love to help. We have lead-generating kits ready to go and can take all the stress out of your upcoming fall ad campaign

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