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You’re invited to view this valuable offer because your church is similar to many of our church partners and meets our requirements for 3 Free Months of Google Ad Grant Management.

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Google Grants (also known as Ad Grants or AdWords Grants) is a program wherein Google provides eligible nonprofits with an in-kind donation of $10,000 in monthly Google ads.

When you claim this special offer, we’ll apply for and acquire the Google Ad Grant for your church (if you don’t already have one) and then set up your Google Search campaigns.

Our goal is to get you $4,000 to $10,000 per month of ads donated to your church by Google by the third month.

After the third month, we’ll show you your campaign results and offer you our ongoing grant management at the standard price of $375/month. There’s no pressure to buy, but we sure hope you do!

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You can get started by scheduling a call below. Here’s what will happen next:


Our CEO, Jason Hamrock, will do a short orientation Zoom.

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Our Google Ad Grant Coordinator will contact you to gather the info needed for the Google Ad Grant.


Our Google Ad Grant Coordinator will get your Ad Grant approved by Google.

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Our Google Ads Specialist will set up a campaign in the Google Search Network.


Our Google Ads Specialist will tweak the campaign for a few months to get the Google Ad Grant benefit up to $4,000 to $10,000 per month.


Our CEO will meet with you after 3 to 5 weeks to report progress.


Our CEO will meet with you before the first payment is set to run to review the results and finalize the ongoing management.

Here are the main benefits of our Google Ad Grant Management services:

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Maximize your Google Donation with R.O.I. of 500% to 1500%
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Save time
for your team
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Find success with hundreds of keywords
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Get free Real-Life landing pages branded to your church

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